Make It or Break It (Season 1)

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1.01 – Pilot
(June 22, 2009) – Directed by: Steve Miner • Written by: Holly Sorensen

A young gymnast named Emily with dreams of Olympic glory shakes up the status quo at a training facility in Colorado named “The Rock”.

1.02 – Where’s Marty?
(June 29, 2009) – Directed by: Steve Miner • Written by: Holly Sorensen

The exit of Coach Marty, one of “The Rock’s” top guns, Lauren, and their 4th place through 7th place girls causes chaos at the gym, prompting Payson, Kaylie, and Emily (with Becca in tow) to head for Denver with a plan to confront them about their defection.

1.03 – Blowing Off Steam
(July 6, 2009) – Directed by: Steve Miner • Written by: Michael Gans, Richard Register

Tensions are still high at The Rock as the girls continue on without direction and with the surprise return of Lauren, Steve and a possible new heavyweight coach. Before the new coach’s strict workout regimen takes effect, Emily, Payson, and Kaylie decide to hit up a high school party to blow off some steam. Once at the party, Emily has a run-in with Razor, Kaylie has a fight with Carter after he realizes she lied to him, and Payson cannot believe she’s wasting her time at such a trivial event. Bringing more stress than fun to their lives, it’s not exactly how the girls envisioned their evening. Meanwhile, Lauren’s birthday takes a wrong turn when Summer shows up at her birthday dinner, sending her to the party in tears. After Kaylie and Carter have their fight Lauren sleeps with Carter, losing her virginity.

1.04 – Sunday, Bloody Sasha, Sunday
(July 13, 2009) – Directed by: Norman Buckley • Written by: Joanna Johnson

On their only day off, the girls are ordered back into the gym only to be called out by their new coach, Sasha, for going to the keg party the night before. Caught red-handed, Payson, Kaylie, Emily, and Lauren are subjected to a day-long calisthenic boot camp to show what happens when they try to be just “ordinary”. In between all of the push-ups, pull-ups and rope climbs, the girls find themselves at each other’s throat. Payson blames the girls for getting her into this mess; Emily needs to get to her job, but is stuck with girls who don’t even like her; a very hung-over Kaylie is distraught that she hasn’t heard back from Carter after their fight; and Lauren is agonizing over her one-night stand. But at the end all the girls make up and are great friends (even Emily!)

1.05 – Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Supermodel
(July 20, 2009) – Directed by: David Paymer • Written by: Amy Turner

With a lack of funds facing The Rock team for Nationals, Kim and the other mothers decide to host a mother-daughter fashion show. But what starts as a fun idea ends up causing trouble for everyone. Ronnie is so busy with the details that Kaylie feels ignored, especially at a time when she could really use her mother’s advice about love and sex. Lauren is paired up with Summer, much to her chagrin, but tries to use this opportunity to catch Carter’s eye. Furious at Chloe for spilling secrets to Damon, Emily is mortified for her “out there” mother to even be at the gym, let alone to walk a runway with her, while Payson does not want to waste time with “girlie things,” Sasha tips off Kim that maybe she hasn’t been a great role model in the feminine world. Meanwhile, after spotting her with Carter, Summer gets the feeling that Lauren is over her head in the boy department and tries to help by opening up. Kaylie decides to tell Carter that she is ready to take the next step in their relationship.

1.06 – Between a Rock and a Hard Place
(July 27, 2009) – Directed by: Michael W. Watkins • Written by: Doug Stockstill

Taking a gamble that the girls are ready and can use the motivation for Nationals, Sasha invites Marty and the Denver team to The Rock for an invitational meet. Payson is determined to show that she is the best, but when an old injury flares up, it might have devastating results. Emily is also resolved to show what she can do, but Sasha has other, less advanced plans for her. But with reigning Nationals champion Kelly Parker (guest star Nicole Anderson, “JONAS”) in town, are the girls really ready for the Denver team and this challenge? Meanwhile, Carter has to rethink his relationship with Kaylie when Sasha and Lauren give him an ultimatum. Meanwhile, Kaylie finds out about her mothers affair with Marty. The Rock loses to Denver but Payson beats Mean girl Kelly Parker in the individuals. Emily tries to do a new bar move but Sasha tells her to not do it. Emily does it anyway.

1.07 – Run, Emily, Run
(August 3, 2009) – Directed by: Fred Gerber • Written by: Kerry Lenhart, John J. Sakmar

Sasha’s refusal to welcome Emily back to the Rock has her at a loss as to what to do other than to keep training. Fortunately, her Pizza Shack co-worker, Damon, has an idea on how she can train…at the Rock. Meanwhile, Payson’s Dad, Mark, reveals he lost his job and the family now has some hard decisions to make. Also, Lauren’s obsession with Carter reaches new levels.

1.08 – All’s Fair in Love, War and Gymnastics
(August 10, 2009) – Directed by: Chris Grismer • Written by: Michael Gans, Richard Register

The send off party at the Cruz family mansion explodes into chaos when Kaylie’s secret is revealed to her dad and leads to a physical confrontation between Alex (Kaylie’s dad) and Carter. Meanwhile, Payson again experiences back trouble which threatens to derail her dreams of a National Championship. Enter fellow Rock gymnast, Nicky, who offers a simple solution that forces Payson to lie to her mother to cover it up.

1.09 – Where’s Kaylie?
(August 17, 2009) – Directed by: Ron Underwood • Written by: Joanna Johnson

Carter finally confesses to Kaylie that he cheated, causing her to run away the night before Nationals. Payson struggles with not being given the top ranking on Beam, Sasha questions her ability to be a leader for The Rock team. Lauren is disappointed when she goes to meet her mother from the bus station and she does not show up. In spite of their own problems, Emily, Payson, and Lauren try to track Kaylie down. They find Kaylie at the Gymnastics camp that they went to as kids. Lauren confesses about sleeping with Carter after the party, and Kaylie flips out. Meanwhile, Summer, Kim, Chloe, and Ronnie are having their very own confession. In the end, the girls decide they have to be a team in order to win, and Emily is nominated to be captain. Kaylie tells Lauren that she will be her teammate, but never her friend again.

1.10 – All That Glitters
(August 24, 2009) – Directed by: Patrick Norris • Written by: Holly Sorensen

The National Gymnastics Championship in Boston has arrived and now everything the girls of the Rock have been working for is at stake. Emily does poorly in the first round and has to make up for it in the second round when Damon uses Radiohead’s tour bus to get him & Brian to the meet. Realising that Steve threatened Lauren’s Mom to stop her coming back into Lauren’s life, Summer breaks up with Steve but remains by Lauren’s side, helping her become joyful in her routines. Payson discovers that Kelly Parker uses drugs to enhance her performances and throws away her dose of Cortizone. Payson falls during her second bars routine and fractures her back. Doctors cannot operate on it and any more gymnastics would leave Payson paralyzed. Kaylie gives Carter the necklace he gave her, telling him it was over between them. She also gives her father the jewelry he gave her as a Nationals gift, saying how she wanted him to be just her father, not her manager. Kaylie manages to win the gold medal at Nationals while Kelly Parker has to settle for the silver medal. Lauren makes fourth place while Emily somehow makes the last member of the Nationals team. After Nationals, Leo says that he’s moving back to Boulder, and Damon starts to doubt leaving Emily alone while he goes off to L.A. However, Emily reassures him by kissing him.

1.11 – The Eleventh Hour
(January 4, 2010) – Directed by: Norman Buckley • Written by: Kerry Lenhart, John J. Sakmar

Payson has a dream that her injury was not anything serious enough to prevent her from training, and that spurs her into being overly complacent about her injury in front of her family and friends. Her parents worry that she’s not as fine as she says she is, but they let it go, figuring she just needs some more time to adjust. Meanwhile, Kaylie is given a parade and a hero’s welcome when the team returns to Boulder from the National Championships. Kaylie is overwhelmed by everything (especially the new publicity schedule set up by her manager, MJ) but she manages to take everything in stride. Lauren lets it be known that she thinks that Payson should have been the National Champion, which does not go over well with her team mates at The Rock. Lauren is determined to take Kaylie down a notch, so she goes out of her way to get Carter let back into The Rock, knowing that his presence in the gym will be enough to upset and distract Kaylie from her training. Payson refuses to set foot in The Rock again or even call her friends, insisting she has moved beyond gymnastics. She even suggests that her family move to Minnesota so they can all be together, since they were only in Colorado so she could train. Kim decides that her taking a leave of absence from running The Rock is a good idea in any case, and Summer agrees to take over for her. Nicky worries that he is responsible for Payson’s injury and goes over to see her, but Payson assures him that she never took the cortisone he gave her, but there is still a syringe of it left in her locker at the gym. Unfortunately for Nicky, Lauren overhears their conversation. Eventually, even Kaylie makes it over to see Payson, and tells her that she cannot handle the pressure of being #1 and wants advice from Payson on how to handle it. Payson gets very upset that Kaylie would even think of asking her for advice and Kaylie leaves crying. That night Payson destroys all of her awards and trophies from gymnastics. Damon is leaving for L.A. and wants to have one last romantic evening with Emily before he leaves, but it’s interrupted when Razor comes back and finds them together. Damon admits that he has been in contact with Razor, but he never told him about his relationship with Emily.

1.12 – Follow the Leader
(January 11, 2010) – Directed by: Chris Grismer • Written by: Joanna Johnson

The girls are displeased to have Marty back as their coach, so they try to get him ousted. Emily continues to struggle with her mother feeling that when Chloe interferes with her gymnastics she ends up making things more difficult for her. Meanwhile, Sasha attempts to find a new way for Payson to fit in at the gym; Kaylie confronts Carter about his betrayal; and Razor tutors Emily in math. Summer shows Emily that perhaps her mother’s desire to be involved and see her daughter succeed in gymnastics has helped Emily more than she realizes.

1.13 – California Girls
(January 18, 2010) – Directed by: David Paymer • Written by: Holly Sorensen

Payson continues to believe a miracle will happen and that she will make a gymnastics comeback, which causes concern from Kim & Mark. Kaylie, Emily, and Payson travel to Los Angeles for a party event making a point of showing Lauren she is not welcome. Lauren is determined to go, and uses her power over Nicky so that he takes her as his +1. In California, Emily is reunited with Damon, but he reveals that his California dreams have not turned out the way he planned. Lauren saves Kaylie’s career when she rescues Kaylie from the paparazzi. Back in the hotel room, Lauren and Kaylie finally make up. Nicky continues to encourage Payson, and reveals his feelings for her. The next morning, Payson visits a back specialist about her injury, where he assures her that her injury is inoperable and she would not be able to do gymnastics again.

1.14 – Are We Having Fun Yet?
(January 25, 2010) – Directed by: Michael Robison • Written by: Amy Turner

Emily’s performance suffers after she Googles herself and sees that bloggers are judging her negatively online. Payson begins to attend public high school mid-year and clashes with the school’s Queen Bee, who does not take kindly to her cheerleading tumbling pointers. However, Kaylie, Lauren and Emily quickly come to her rescue and manage to get the “Queen Bee” off Paysons back for a short time. A girl called Heather tries to welcome Payson but she has no desire to get involved with any school activities. Meanwhile, Ike, a school outcast takes Payson under his wing encouraging Payson to skip class and offers her pot. At the Rock, Sasha is hosting the annual Open House Night and decides to make it “fun” this year, encouraging everyone to enjoy themselves by dressing themselves in costumes and performing routines purely for entertainment. Nicky and Kaylie are assigned to do a duet performance, which proves to be difficult, considering they have conflicting opinions about everything. However, the couple soon come to a truce and Kaylie comes up with an idea for their performance. Meanwhile, Emily is convinced by her mom to tell the story of her life through her performance, which results in a little girl asking for Emily’s first autograph.

1.15 – Loves Me, Loves Me Not
(February 1, 2010) – Directed by: Fred Gerber • Written by: Michael Gans, Richard Register

Romance is in the air at The Rock for the gymnasts and the parents as Valentine’s Day arrives, and Summer suggests to Sasha that they should hold a Valentine’s mixer at the gym. He reluctantly agrees to this, but disapproves when Summer asks to hold a lecture about abstinence to the gymnasts. Sasha tells Kaylie that in order to reach the needed height for her Double Arabian to beat international competitors, she needs to improve her strength. Nicky offers to help her, and the two arrive early to the gym to practice. To secure Carter’s heart for her own, Lauren tries to get Nicky and Kaylie together, and insists to Payson that the two have feelings for each other. One night, Carter catches Steve with a woman when they stumble up into the attic he is residing. At school, Payson receives a Valentine’s rose from who she believes is Ike, but later learns was from Heather, the school’s perky over-achiever who causes Payson’s pessimistic mindset to change. Tired of Ike’s negative attitude, Payson ends her friendship with him, realizing that the world is full of so many opportunities other than gymnastics. Meanwhile, Summer returns to the gym one night after it closes to continue to press Sasha to let her do the talk, and explains that although she believes in abstinence she has needs herself, too. Amidst her arguing, Sasha kisses her. Sasha lets Summer do her speech because he said if he could lose control then it is bound to happen to the gymnasts. Emily is distraught she has not heard from Damon in days, and finds him in prison. Damon tells Razor that he had bought a mixer he had not known was stolen to record his own songs, and Razor reluctantly bails him out from jail. Razor and Damon are heading to Razor’s car after Razor bails Damon out, when Emily appears and confronts Damon. Without letting him explain, Emily breaks up with Damon. Meanwhile, as they are about to leave the gym, Kaylie tells Nicky that although they have had their moments, she values her friendship with Payson too much than to put it at risk by being involved with him. Nicky tells her that the drama at The Rock is too much for him to handle, and that he has been recruited by Denver, and has decided go there. Later on, Payson invites her new friend Heather and the girls to her house for a sleepover, and her mother is glad that she is finally adapting to being a normal teenager. Kim then gets a phone call from Sasha about a doctor who can operate on Payson’s back with an experimental procedure and allow her to return to gymnastics.

1.16 – Save the Last Dance
(February 8, 2010) – Directed by: Helen Shaver • Written by: Kerry Lenhart, John J. Sakmar

Payson and Heather enlist the girls help when it looks like the Taft High prom is going down the tubes. Happy to help, the girls are thrilled with the opportunity to be regular teenage girls for the night. Lauren invites Razor and Carter to come along, and continues with her detective work to find out who her father is dating. Meanwhile, Payson’s parents meet with a doctor who claims she can fix Payson’s back injury with an experimental procedure, and struggle on whether or not they should tell their daughter about it, when she is finally doing so well. Heather’s band for prom unexpectedly cancels, and Payson saves the day by enlisting the Shelter Pups to play. In the meantime, Carter helps Kaylie improve her strength to master a Double Arabian, and with his aid, she ends up executing it. At the night of the prom, Carter asks Kaylie to dance and is rejected, but later sees her dancing with another boy. He steps in and tells her that he loves her, but if she will not forgive him, he needs to move on. To everyone’s surprise, Ike shows up at the prom in a tuxedo to apologize to Payson, and the two share a dance. Emily shows up in a dress Lauren had thought her father had bought for her, and Lauren slowly comes to the conclusion that her father was seeing Chloe Kmetko. Emily is distraught when she sees Damon’s band playing at the prom, and Razor asks her to dance. Upset, Damon declares to the crowd that he will sing a song he wrote for Emily, but ends up panicking and runs off the stage. Emily chases after him into the parking lot, and Damon explains to her why he turned up in jail and that he wanted to prove himself worthy for her by making a song for her. Emily tells him that just being there for her was more important than any song, and Damon decides that he does not deserve her, taking off. Razor comes and tells Emily that he knows that Damon loves her, and that she loves him too. He decides that he and Emily will just be friends, and leaves Emily crying in the parking lot. After the prom, Carter visits Lauren’s house to pack his things, and she reveals to him her desire to feel wanted. Carter turns on the music and asks her to dance with him. Meanwhile, Kaylie deletes a photo of Carter and herself from her phone, symbolizing that she is over him. When Payson returns home, her parents finally decide to tell her the truth about the back procedure.

1.17 – Hope and Faith
(February 15, 2010) – Directed by: Chris Grismer • Written by: Doug Stockstill

Lauren tries to break Chloe and Steve up by telling lies to Chloe about her father’s other affairs. She also throws hints to Emily to find out if she knows something. The national team is back from London where they were victorious to train for the meet in China. The girls realize they have to bring A game to the floor so that they get chosen. On the first day of practice with Marty, Kaylie’s performance suffers because Kelly Parker finds out about her mother and Marty’s affair and psyches her out. Emily, on the other hand find out about her mother and Steve’s affair and has a fight with Lauren. This makes her mess up her routine as well. Kaylie storms out of the gym and Summer tells Sasha about Marty and Kaylie’s mother’s affair. Sasha loses it and punches Marty in the face. Sasha calls the girls to the gym that night and tell them that Marty has agreed not to tell the National Committee about the girls’ mess ups, and so they still have a shot of going to China. The girls nail all their routines the next day in front of the committee but Kaylie and Emily still does not get picked to go to China. Sasha realizes that it was all a case of politics with them and that they were not making their decisions objectively. He promises Kaylie and Emily that he would get them on the team for China. At the end of the episode, Payson is seen going into surgery with her parents watching her.

1.18 – The Great Wall
(February 22, 2010) – Directed by: Guy Bee • Written by: Joanna Johnson

The girls raise the bar with their training in preparation for a competition against the Chinese team, but troubles at home and confidence issues plague them. Meanwhile, the moms hold a fund-raiser at the pizza shack to cover the Chinese team’s travel expenses. But Summer finds out that Sasha has not invited the Chinese yet so she struggles with keeping it from the moms due to them thinking she cannot keep a secret. Summer thinks of giving up her position as The Rock’s manager when she goes to confront Sasha, he kisses her. Payson’s family is in debt because of the surgery, so the Rock girls decide to make sure the Keelers win the 10,000 dollars in bingo. After steamrolling the American National Team at the meet in Beijing, The Chinese Team agrees to a meet at The Rock despite Ellen Beals’ trying to put a stop to it. Kaylie thinks about forgiving Carter and kisses him at the Pizza Shack. Leo returns and has his eye on Emily, while Damon is jealous that he will lose her forever. He then goes back to the recording studio to become “that guy” for Emily. After having the chance to start training, Payson is afraid because she wonders if she might break her back again. Payson is told that she is allowed to train, but she decides not to tell anyone yet.

1.19 – The Only Thing We Have to Fear…
(March 1, 2010) – Directed by: Norman Buckley • Written by: Michael Gans, Richard Register

The Rock girls are on lockdown as they prepare for the meet against the Chinese National Team. Summer serves as their chaperone, and Sasha attempts to take advantage of the proximity to escalate their relationship. Kim tips off Sasha that Payson has been given the go-ahead to do gymnastics after discovering that Payson has still not told anyone even during the week of Lockdown. Sasha teams her up with Emily who is struggling with her new vault because of having to land ‘blind’ in the hope that Payson will find a way to conquer her fear in the process. Ellen Beals continues to manipulate ways to stop the Rock girls competing – Kaylie is torn about whether to compete with her team in the upcoming Chinese Invitational or listen to the National Committee and MJ, who tell her to back out of the meet. Damon finds out that he won a music contest, but has to leave Boulder before he can tell Emily. The National Committee find out about Emily’s job at the Pizza Shack and tell her they will take away her scholarship if she competes at the China meet leaving Emily with a difficult choice to make. Kaylie’s father files for divorce after finding out about the affair Ronnie had with Marty. Kaylie finds out that Carter has been living in Lauren’s attic.

1.20 – Are We Family?
(March 8, 2010) – Directed by: Michael Lange • Written by: Holly Sorensen

The girls feel unprepared to compete against the Chinese team. Among their obstacles: Kaylie’s decision not to compete does not sit well with her teammates, and Emily struggles with a crisis of confidence as well as heartbreak, knowing that she can never see Damon again due to The Rock’s and National Committee’s rules. During the invitational, Sasha and the girls are surprised that in the end, Kaylie does decide to compete after a pep talk from her father. Kaylie shines on the floor, but does not medal on bars. When Lauren gets injured during her beam routine. Sasha enlists Payson to fill in, not expecting her to medal but with the faith she will inspire the others. For the first time since her injury, Payson performs a routine on bars. Emily sticks her blind landing, and surprises everyone with her silver medal performance on Bars. Lauren is not happy to see Kaylie beat both her & undefeated Chinese star, Gengi Cho on the Beam. The Rock wins a total of five medals at the competition, more than the USA National Team in Beijing. The girls celebrate at the Pizza Shack, where Leo reveals to Emily that he had taken a note Carter convinced Damon to leave for her, and only wanted to keep it until the invitational ended, so she would not be distracted. The group then hears Damon interviewed on a local radio station, and he says that he loves Emily, but knows she has her own dreams to pursue and that he will let her go. Then, he sings the song he had written her, the first time he was willing to sing in front of others. This causes Emily to realize she needs to say goodbye to him before he leaves on his tour, and Kaylie drives her to the radio station. They learn from the DJ that the show had been pre-recorded, and that Damon’s flight had already left. Kaylie leaves a message for someone who is presumably Carter, telling him that she loves him and inviting him to her room that night. At the end, Carter appears at Lauren’s house, and Carter kisses Lauren passionately.