Make It or Break It (Season 3)

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3.06 – Listen to the Universe
(April 30, 2012) – Directed by: Glenn Steelman • Written by: Michael Gans, Richard Register

Lauren is devastated when the doctor tells her that her heart condition requires surgery. In hopes of helping her, Payson tracks down another doctor to convince him to perform an experimental procedure with a quicker recovery period. She and Rigo plan to go to the doctor and convince him. Meanwhile, Kaylie is forced to room with Jordan, during which they explain to each other what the problem is between them. Kaylie and Jordan become friends again. Jordan then agrees to help Kaylie cover up for Payson and offers to sleep in Payson’s bed, keeping herself hidden from Wendy Capshaw. Wendy talks meanly about Jordan behind her back. After Austin is cut off the Olympic team, he blames Kaylie for the incident, and they end their relationship. Kaylie then goes to Austin’s room to make things right, but she is too late. All she finds is a box full of things that Austin wanted returned to Kaylie. Lauren decides to forgive Payson, after Lauren prays for a way to help her accept the end of her Olympic dreams. At the end of the episode, Payson loses her virginity to Rigo.

3.08 – United Stakes
(May 14, 2012) – Directed by: Michael Schultz • Written by: Kerry Lenhart, John J. Sakmar

Payson decides to rework her floor routine at the risk of losing a spot on the team. Kaylie is at a loss when Jordan refuses her help. Still recovering from surgery, Lauren balances her health with her need to make it to the Olympics. Meanwhile, Kaylie is thrown for a loop when she is told that her drug test came back positive for a banned substance. Also, Kaylie is trying to get coach Ray fired because Jordan confessed to being molested by him for years. Wendy Capshaw is caught drugging Kaylie with a banned substance, so she is cut from the Olympic team. In the end, all four girls, Kaylie, Payson, Lauren, and Jordan (who become BFFs) make the Olympic team. Kaylie and Austin are back together, Lauren chases after Jake for Otis, and Payson’s parents shake hands with Rigo.