Twice in a Lifetime

Character: Rose Hathaway

Created by: Stephen Sohmer

Directed by: David Winning

Written by: Suzanne Marcus Levine

Cast Members: Paul Popowich, Al Waxman, Earle Hyman

Released date: February 7, 2001

Episode(s) Number: 2x16

Episode(s) Title: Moonshine Over Harlem

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, History

Duration: 1h

Eighty-seven year old Charley Freeman was a gangster during the Great Depression, running a Harlem located speakeasy in which he dealt in moonshine. But he was also an aspiring jazz trumpeter in the club. His career came to a halt when he was arrested for his illegal activities, spending twenty years in prison. Since his release, he has spent his time primarily educating youth on the perils of the gangster life. Being shot by a street punk, Charley's dying word is "Rose". Not because of his atonement for his past gangster life, but because of Rose that Othniel sends Charley back to regain what was missing in his adult life, namely human love. During his speakeasy years, Charley, a Negro, was in love with Rose Hathaway, a young Caucasian woman, their love forbidden in a time when interracial romances were still taboo. Charley is sent back to his speakeasy days as Jack, a friend of the Freeman family and a moonshine runner. Smith learns that part of the issue about Charley's love for Rose was secrets she had kept from Charley about her family and the role she may or may not have played in his arrest. Charley needs to learn the truth behind Rose's love or lack of for Charley.

Script developed by Never Enough Design