Aug 9, 2020

New layout!

We have new layouts on our main site and at the photo gallery. I hope that you all like them as much as I do! The header was designed by Kayla and the themes are by Sin21! Sorry that updates have been a little slow. They should be more regular now. I am also working on updating some of our site’s content.

Jun 23, 2020

Fuller House Season 4 Photos

I’ve added HD captures, episode stills, promotional photos and more of Candace in season 4 of Fuller House.

Jun 10, 2020

Sharon’s Secret Captures

I’ve added captures of Candace in the 1995 TV movie, Sharon’s Secret.

May 8, 2020

Celebrating 4 Years Online!

Our site has been online for 4 years!!! I am working on the Fuller House section in our photo gallery. To start with I’ve added stills & promotional photos from seasons 1-3 and I also added HD captures from season 3! I have quite a few updates planned for this month so keep checking back here!

Apr 22, 2020

Candace is Good Housekeeping’s May cover girl!

Candace is on the May cover of Good Housekeeping! I’ve added photos from the photoshoot to our photo gallery. Scans will be up very soon!

As Candace Cameron Bure moves on from Fuller House, she’s getting ready to spring into her next big chapter. Rest assured, whatever she does, she’s forever bringing D.J. Tanner with her.

You could never tell that Candace Cameron Bure only got three hours of sleep last night.

She arrives bright and beaming to the set of her Good Housekeeping cover photo shoot in late January around 10:45 a.m. after appearing on two morning TV shows just a few hours prior. Wearing a poppy-red dress and a full face of makeup, Candace greets everyone before taking a seat on a stool inside the studio. Straightening her dress over her knees, she politely asks for a cup of tea and then lets out a celebratory exhale: For a brief moment during an otherwise jam-packed day of on-camera appearances and hosting events to promote her new children’s book, Grow Candace Grow, Candace is ready to reflect on it all — her past, present, and future projects.

Fuller House, the Netflix series that wrapped filming its fifth and final season in November, is the most obvious one. Though Candace captured a lot of hugs and hearty tears on social media in the days leading up to (and on the day of) the finale taping, she’s currently at a place where she can discuss it without getting emotional. That said, when the last few episodes of season 5 become available on Netflix, it might be a different story.

“I don’t think the reality has hit yet. And I don’t think it will until probably the summertime that we’re not coming back,” Candace says while settling into her chair. “I’m definitely more at ease now than I was when we finished filming. But it was rough at the end.”

And understandably so. For the past few years, acting in — and sometimes directing — the reboot of the famous ’90s sitcom Full House has been a huge source of joy for Candace. The realization that this could be the final bow for her beloved TV character D.J. Tanner is difficult to process. But even still, Candace is looking at the positive side of it all — even though the series is ending, her close relationships with her co-stars, including Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber, certainly aren’t.

“The three of us video chat. I talk to them every day. We Marco Polo. We love Marco Polo,” she reveals while smiling to herself. “And in the big group texts, there are different groups, I talk with John [Stamos], Bob [Saget], and Dave [Coulier] too.”

And so, the show goes on for Candace via GIF and emoji exchanges. What also helps her is knowing that when Full House went off the air in 1995, it wasn’t really over for the fans, and it likely never will be. Although she may not ever sit on the checkered blue-and-white Tanner couch again, Candace realizes that to many, she’ll always be “Deej” — and that’s comforting to know.

“If I am forever known as D.J. Tanner and everyone’s big sister, I will be thrilled and happy,” she explains. “Full House and Fuller House have brought so much joy, comfort, and love to so many people. There’s nothing more I want to be associated with than wonderful and positive things. I embrace the show as an adult just as I embraced it back when I was 10 years old.”

Reflecting on her early Full House days, Candace says she felt very much like D.J. during that time in her life — an “average, typical American kid” who, like any teenager, was just trying to figure it all out. Unlike some turbulent stories of child actors in Hollywood, Candace relays only good memories about her time growing up on camera.

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Apr 21, 2020

Camp Cucamonga Captures

I’ve added captures of Candace in Camp Cucamonga.

Apr 14, 2020

Freshman Fall DVD Captures

I’ve added DVD captures of Candace in Freshman Fall.

Apr 9, 2020

Full House Cast Reimagines as Full Quarantine

Everywhere you look, there’s a classic TV show cast reuniting in hopes of bringing a smile to millions of faces during these trying times.

In an effort to shed a little light (and offer a few laughs), John Stamos called on his Full House family to recreate the TGIF sitcom’s opening title sequence. The video, which was first shared on Wednesday, rebrands the series as Full Quarantine, and features select members of the original cast — Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber — as well as original series creator Jeff Franklin as they clean up and rummage for food while hunkered down in their respective coronavirus bunkers. (Funniest of all is Saget, who in full-blown Danny Tanner mode uses Purell to clean his Swiffer floor mop.)

This isn’t the only Full House content fans can expect this year. Still on tap is the second half of the fifth and final season of the Netflix spinoff Fuller House, which does not yet have a premiere date.

– Source: TV Line

Mar 25, 2020

Monster Mash: The Movie Captures

I’ve added captures of Candace in Monster Mash: The Movie.

Mar 2, 2020

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Photos

I’ve added HD captures, stills, and posters of Candace in the most recent Aurora Teagarden Mysteries; The Disappearing Game, A Game Of Cat And Mouse, An Inheritance to Die For, and A Very Foul Play.